Vandivier Photographers is a father, son & daughter photography business. Kevin, his son Shannon and daughter kelly work closely together on each project to bring the best to the table for each client. We all understand how important still photography and video has evolved into playing the most important role in our clients advertising, marketing and communicating efforts. With stats showing that companies who use high quality creative video on their websites having a 47% better chance converting visitor’s to buyer’s and great custom still photos have the longest stickiness for websites, we embrace the pressure to deliver creative assets which will create trust in both our own clients and their potential clients. Individually each of us brings a different creative perspective. Kevin enjoys watching his kid's creative approaches which reflects their generations creative interests. When you hire them, you will be getting a boatload of creative talent to work with.

Kevin Vandivier
Kevin has 30+ years shooting for many of the top magazines and corporations like, National Geographic Adventure, Life Magazine, IBM, Citgo Oil and many others. Kevin is also the former Photography Editor for Texas Highways Magazine. He has won many national awards for his work, his latest being a 2nd for Photo Illustration in the 2011 Best Of Photojournalism Competition and a 1st place in Director, Ron Howards, Project Imagination 2012 photo competition.

Shannon Vandivier
Shannon started taking pictures when he was seven years old. During his high school years he stuck close to his dad and learned all he could. In doing so, he started a wedding photography business on his own during his college years studying Bio Chemistry. The business took off and ended up paying for all his undergraduate work by the time he graduated. Impressing his dad enough to be invited to join his company where he has flourished enough to impress their clients.

Kelly (Vandivier) Leeves

Kelly discovered her love for photography when she was younger. Loving to create dress-up scenes she would shoot photos of both her brothers and sister. After high school, she joined her sis Kaitlin for the long adventure and also decided she wanted to shoot photos for a living. Her other love is healthy cooking, Kelly started her own catering business and authors the popular food blog “The Delicious Philosophy”. Naturally she shoots her own food, along with food for clients at Vandivier Photographers.